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for the MICE industry of the future!


When: Monday, May 13, 2024
Where: || Frankfurt, Taunusanlage

This event is exclusive to hosted buyers of our MICE Impact and MICE Ladies groups at IMEX 2024.

MICE Impact Academy 13. Mai 2024 - People Planet Purpose - IMEX - - Taunusanlage - Frankfurt - Logo
MICE Impact Academy 13. Mai 2024 - People Planet Purpose - IMEX - - Taunusanlage - Frankfurt - Logo

Creating impact in the MICE industry together!

On Monday, May 13, 2024, the day before the start of IMEX 2024, our German-language format will take place for the second time, tailored to the needs of operational and strategic event planning: The MICE Impact ACADEMY, exclusively for invited hosted buyers. An afternoon full of networking, education and co-creation around the most challenging topics in our industry: People, Planet, Purpose.

We dive deep into all facets of sustainability – from the SDGs to certifications, supply chains, social innovation and the circular economy. At the same time, we shed light on the prerequisites for these changes – on a societal as well as a very personal level. What are the Inner SDGs and why are they a key to success in this transformation process? What drives us? What gives us meaning? We let pioneers, visionaries, experts and destinations have their say, who have already taken the path for our new togetherness, for their very personal mission and for the MICE industry of the future.

In exciting, inspiring and also touching workshops, the planners receive many valuable tips for sustainable event management as well as impulses for personal development – keyword “Purpose”.
It’s more fun together: With a lot of joy and enthusiasm, we look at the possibilities of impact design together from different perspectives and learn with and from each other. Selected destinations, regions and cities present their impact projects and provide a look behind the scenes. The format connects experts with the planners and providers for a dialogue about high-quality content.

Let’s be the change we want to see!

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For destinations and MICE suppliers for whom sustainability is a valuable and strategic value, we offer sponsorship opportunities as part of our MICE Impact Academy and our MICE Impact Lounge.

You want to share and discuss your impact strategies, impact initiatives and impact projects with an exciting group of high-quality MICE planners? And celebrate the start of the IMEX week with our exclusively invited hosted buyers together with your partners in a friendly and lasting atmosphere? Then feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.